Afar in a Day

Your Webmaster has always been fascinated by The Day Trip. Not, that is in this context, the day trip 20 miles down the road, wonderful and desirable though it may be, but the day trip to somewhere unlikely, like Pompei, or America (feasible with enough cash) or Paris, or Rome, or, shall we say, Cairo? New for 2002, you could do that on a "Quick Trip" visa from Cyprus. Cyprus is a pretty easy and pleasant destination from the UK, and then it's just a 45 minute hop to Cairo airport.
Takeoff from Cyprus
<Coast to coast in 45 minutes>

- on wings built in Bristol
(A340 Airbus)
It all started with Trams, believe your Webmaster

Shores of Egypt
The Golden Rules (some of them, anyway):

1) Make sure you have the correct camera ticket(s) for any equipment on your person at the Egyptian Museum (£20 for a video).

2) Do not let a stranger take your picture (you won't get your camera back without payment)

3) Do not take a camel ride (you could end up anywhere, and won't get off without - you've guessed - more payment).

4) Totally ignore all hucksters in general.

Cairo Intl. Airport
THE Pyramids - Giza Plateau

Have a Good Day (Trip!) - You can also Balloon over the Nile

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