Spring Wonderland

Casually boarding a plane at Heathrow could give you a surprise. You "gain" a couple of hours in your life by flying a polar circle route to Anchorage Alaska - arriving about two hours before you left. Faster than the Great Silver Bird, or so it seems, and certainly a very long day - the advantage is that you can still go off that same day and comfortably do some sightseeing by car...or floatplane. Have you ever dreamed of a floatplane ride ? 
Now's your chance:-
Portage glacier
Spenard Lake
The floatplane base at Spenard Lake, seen above, is attached to the International Airport at Anchorage. In this State, floatplanes are as common as taxis. Flying only requires a few more bucks. Going the same distance by taxi could cost you as much, in fact more - there few roads outside urban areas, and NO roads where we are going, in the bush - though there is the threat of one.
After shelling out those greenbacks, off out into the lake, (steering with little rudders on the floats), get permission from the tower, and you are away. Those floats create an enormous amount of drag in the air, by the way.  Take off

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