Knik Arm and the Kenai Peninsula

We are flying with Ketchum Air Service, and our driver is none other than "Ketch" himself - one of a hardy breed of professional bush pilots. There's an early heat wave - 63 degrees F on the ground - and Ketch is not above plunging down to get a really quick look at moose or other fauna starting to show themselves as a premature thaw starts to set in among the trees beyond Knik Arm. This is a very tidal reach. We are headed across it, and beyond, to the Kenai Peninsula, pronounced "keen-eye", a vast area where floatplanes can land on lakes totally remote from civilisation, and where you have to realise that the wildlife quite definitely includes bears.
Knik Arm Your pilot today is Ketch
Kenai Meandering river in the thaw

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