Parliament - and Waterloo

EU Assembly
A good lunch The Assembly above holds plenary ie. full sessions (in addition to Strasbourg). You can see it was a warm day by jackets on chairs at lunch, though Lord Stockton MEP (standing) has managed to keep his on.  Dr Caroline Jackson MEP and Lord Stockton were co-hosts for a magnificent lunch - each MEP has an allocation for this purpose.
Lord Stockton - son of former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan - is a superb communicator, and wound up the lunch with a good story about how grannie once roundly told the PM off! 
Dr Jackson is currently chairing the Environment Committee - which meets in a hall with most of the size attributes of the main hall.
It was an eye-opener to sit in on her committee straight after lunch -  it is grappling controversially with the perceived problem of regulating vitamins and health foods. Photography not permitted - so imagine some 60 or more MEPs in the front rows, the middle ranks occupied by personal assistants, with lobbyists and no doubt some etceteras, at the back. Altogether some 200-300 people, plus others from translators, to the Commissioners flanking the chairman.
Belgian cooking being what it is, there were excellent evening experiences to be enjoyed in La Grande Place (etc!), and come morning, Dennis has the coach fettled and ready to convey us to the suburbs - the battlefield we call "Waterloo" lies several miles beyond the Brussels suburb of that name. Napoleon, of course, would like to have taken the city, and all of Europe, but was stopped by Wellington amid great loss of life. Dennis warming up - or cooling down.
The battlefield now. The peaceful scene today, as we glide from the visitor centre to Naoleon's final command centre, is at odds with the carnage of 1815:- Napoleon's last HQ
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