History comes Alive

The scene is this very room - 18 June 1815
The room is as it was...
Himself gazes down - by now a sick man.
The tiles are authentic, even the table cover is claimed to be original. Napoleon was a sick man, and June 18th, 1815, was the fateful night he gathered his generals together in this room for a battle he was to lose. Many more incredible items in this unique farmhouse bring you very close to history.
A critical - and final - point... Lt Colonel Tony Coutts Britton, from SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), kindly guided us around, and said that Wellington ordered his men to lie down in "dead" (i.e. and unseen hollow area) ground to the left. The French came up from the right, were surprised when Wellington's men suddenly rose, then the Prussians arrived from the far distance, and Napoleon was stopped for ever. More lives lost in the pursuit of one man's ambition, but hopefully Europe has now got the Message, and learned the Lesson, at long last.
Although we have been grateful for the unusually good air-conditioning on the coach, the forecast rain has eventually arrived, as we depart from Brussels. The coach requires careful positioning by Dennis, to avoid a commonplace mishap - trams can and frequently do take wing mirrors off!

The last side trip is to be a stop in Bruges (Brugge); we got the stop, but after that there was no "go", due to a frayed accelerator cable giving up the ghost. Should such a thing happen to you in Bruges, the entrepreneur who has just opened a British Pie Shop (!) there says breakdowns are not unusual, his is truly the place to patronise while you wait - plus a tobacco shop next door.

Leaving Brussels
A British Retreat
Dennis had broken down on a rounabout while we enjoying the delights of Bruges. No need to panic. All he had to do was telephone base, they telephone an international breakdown organisation, and they contact the nearest rescue assistance, who get him and us going again without too much delay. Complicated, but obviously everyone plays their part in as smooth a manner as possible.
Dennis at last!
We crossed back to Dover, and, being June 20th, there is one last interesting picture...having followed a number of elderly vehicles, there is a unique once-a-year view, gained from the relatively high viewpoint of the coach, of celebratory bodies gathering around Stonehenge for the Solstice, glimpsed against the gathering night sky. So, an interesting journey all round. An important night at the Stones
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Dr Caroline Jackson MEP.
Lord Stockton MEP.
Bob Elliott, President West Wilts Conservative Association.
Dr Jackson's PA, Ben Bladon.
Dennis Pickering - Rondo Group Travel - without whom the visit would not have been so superb.