To...the Corridors of Power

A bit flat actually, glad it's not ours The shortest distance between two points might be by airline - as long as the two points are major airports, and as long as you are unfazed by car parking charges, strikes, air traffic control problems, and what seems like endless security, to name a few of the challenges which can tarnish what should be a pleasant journey, accompanied by sweet girls dispensing food and your choice of beverages, but ends up with you jammed round a carousel hoping your luggage will arrive intact. Is the luxury coach a sensible hassle-free alternative for some journeys? - we take a look at a group travel journey to find out. A journey potentially interesting, and politically intriguing - a coach would roll up early one morning, whisk one across La Manche, and head for Brussels. Purquoi? - our dusty Wiltshire feet would be allowed to walk on the carpets of the European Parliament.
Now - before you surf off indignantly - your webmaster finds it necessary to point out to friends - and we count visitors to this website as friends - that their media image of politicians is misleading. From the more humble local variety through Westminster and "up" so to speak to Brussels, Strasburg, and maybe Luxemburg, you are likely to find politicians of most major "colours" very approachable - and working their socks off.
What are "our" politicians working on? Well, come and meet them, courtesy of Rondo, "specialists  in group travel", and Dennis the driver, specialist in looking somewhat like Eric Morecame but with Les Dawson's delivery*, while he covers the miles. Not many miles were covered in the first 20 minutes, but not his fault ... ours - oops. (Sorry about that Dennis).

*Overseas surfers - Eric & Les were superb - and very different - comedians of the old school. Much missed, but it's like we have Les Dawson at the wheel. With respect to Huddersfield, it's not quite what you expect from your average airline captain.

Rondo about to go...
Driving through... Before you can say "Yes, Prime Minister" - or "Yes, President",  Dennis is taking us through Flanders fields, to Ypres (Ieper in Flemish). The temperature has been climbing rapidly since Calais - but the Spanish coach has the best air conditioning your webmaster has experienced. Perfect at last! The temperature outside? - 30 deg C. ...Flanders fields

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