On across the Plain

Military training  areas are clearly marked, which is reassuring. Sometimes you have farmland... Farming ...sometimes it's Please Keep Out! Warning
Here's a fascinating crossroads - Gore Cross. Here the as-old-as-you-can-get Wessex Ridgeway crosses the more modern A 360 from Devizes. A saloon car coming the other way makes it a busy time.  Gore Cross East from Gore Cross
Warning flag The old coaching road from Devizes lies a couple of miles further on, but a red flag suggests we may not be able to continue on it to Stonehenge. A manned guardpost further along confirms that. Guardpost
The guardpost is at the entrance to the first of two "rights" of way across the Westdown Artillery Range; the second, a little further on, would be the former Devizes - Salisbury coaching road, (an 18th century  turnpike).
Turning off... Swinging off left, down a green lane, a lady who has parked in the middle of the road, so to speak, kindly eases off for us to go by. We descend back to the A 360. ...down a green lane.

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