Sketch map Trying to get off the A 360 finds a red flag, but it's still an unusual evening meeting tracked vehicles at crossings, and watching them "tanking " (!) across the Plain - making up for lost time after Foot & Mouth.
Tracked Vehicle Crossng
Tanking along...
One more red flag later, Stonehenge is at the end of a green lane - this time with a police roadblock intervening - but it is possible to drive by on the main road, (A 344), shortly before closure the next day, 20th June, for the Solstice. (English Heritage want to close and indeed obliterate it permanently).
From the dip where the block is, to the kink beyond, is part of the feature known as the Cursus, crossing at 90o to the road. The Cursus goes back 5,000 years. It's thought that some of the stones were dragged along this very path which.....  Stopped at the Cursus The Stones at last!
..... would have come out behind the Stones on the A 303 (Another block and some nervous police), but the lane is now clear ahead south from the A 303 to a group of burial mounds, Bronze Age "disc" barrows:-

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