Real Green Lanes

From this area steeped in Prehistory, heading west takes the Land Rover on green roads as ancient as they come. With deer prancing through the woods to the left, it's truly another secret world, hidden away from the 21st century. Yet this was, and is, a road - your vehicle must be fully taxed and insured to use it, and the county council is responsible for it.
Yes this is the green lane
Guinea Fowl strolling across -  at Druid's Lodge -  heighten the sense that the whole scene belongs to the past. Dinner anyone?
The Sun has a habit of not putting in much of an appearance here at the Solstice, but late June into July 2001 was ice- cream weather. With the Sun fading at last, we head for the small village of Berwick St. James, on part of the ancient Harroway. John Wesley riding his "circuit" - & reading on his horse! - was a notable later user of the Plain's tracks. On the Harroway
After turning left in the village, we make for Yarnbury Castle - were sheep driven along here to fairs at Yarnbury? -  after which we had the rare sight of a  barn owl hopping along from post to post before us in the twilight, on the home run.. A Drover's road?
The Sun - tomorrow the Solstice 2001 homeward bound
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