At a Cable's Length...

Cables - very strong in tension - are a versatile transport system in their own right - going up, down, at angles, or simply in a  horizontal direction. Public transport is supposed to be a pretty low-excitement experience, on the whole. Things on the ends of lines, however, tend to be mighty different. One of the fastest lifts - or elevators - we knew, was in New York's World Trade Centre- it made ears pop. Mind you, part of the attraction of the Empire State lies in it's Art Deco style:-
Foyer, Empire State Lower Mahattan It's Christmas time in New York - always a marvellously exciting city in December - and this view from the Empire State is looking down Manhattan to the World Trade Centre, now sadly no more. Beyond lies Staten Island and the Verezano Narrows on the left, with Ellis island and a hint of the Statue of Liberty to the right.

Lifts are said to be the safest form of powered transportation yet invented. They tend not to look dangerous, either - as long as you don't see very much of those cables whisking you skywards!

Using rails and cables is an idea shared with the American "trolley" - and the funicular - a lift at an angle? This Swiss funicular climbs the well-known Niesen, near Thun. As the angle steepens, views over the Kander Valley and Bernese Oberland become spectacular. Niesenbahn Bernese Oberland & Kander Valley
The charm of cable operated systems is their ability to open up stunning views. Bergen's Fløybanen on the West Norwegian coast, is thoroughly integrated into this most delightful city - and is graced with a live webcam. The expansive scene over the harbour can be viewed day or night...except during rain (frequent), or winter snow (pretty when it stops).  Bergen, a memorable view
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