The Tailpiece

Concluding our look at cable systems, an unusual chairlift is situated at a site with historic connections. It exists to take visitors on the Isle of Wight - the largest island around Britain's shores - downwards, to Alum Bay, famous for it's multicoloured sands, of which you can just catch a hint, bottom centre, in the picture below. The Needles
Alum Bay
Going down...
At this site, Marconi followed on from his experimental demonstrations of wireless transmission between Flat Holm and Lavernock, by setting up a station close to the Needles, above, from which he was able to communicate with ships at sea.
Given that Marconi had previously telegraphed the Queen at Osborne House, when he enjoyed success at Flat Holm, and given that contemporaries spoke of him being rather above the common man, one wonders if his time on the Isle of Wight might have allowed him to enjoy  visiting the monarch. This could have carried weight in the right quarters to further his aim of installing wireless communication in the British fleet. Marconi commemorative plaques

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