T-Sub - Plumbing the Depths

Amazingly, there are today several dozen tourist submarines around the world. Whilst the diver's experience is unique - he or she can personally be at one with the "denizens of the deep", a submersible on the other hand, has it's own constructional and operational interest.

In the Canary Islands during 2000, a t-sub operated in Lanzarote, and also one from the fishing village of Puerto del Mogán, on Gran Canaria. A stay at the next bay to Mogán, allowed a visit to Mogán's Friday market, which "winds linearly" all down the village and right along the quay - and a trip on the sub.

The Atlantida Submarine
The departure point is just where the market finishes, at the end of the mole, making operation easier. (It is actually more customary to take passengers out by boat to the sub.)
The submarine trails a buoy, and a  surface boat, seen here alongside, is an attendance at all times.
You enter by one of two hatches:-
Down the hatch!
The interior
Passengers take their seats Not much to see, though when the hatches had been closed, I was able to perceive us leaving the jetty. You can also follow progress on a TV monitor at each end: a camera up top allows you - and the captain - to see what is happening on the surface as the sub moves away from the harbour, out - if only for a short distance -  into the Atlantic ! The TV monitor

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