Dive, Dive, Dive!

On the monitor, the submarine can be seen submerging beneath the surface, to the bottom - maybe 10 or 15 metres - of the sea bed, which the observation bubble at the end of the submersible reveals in close-up detail as the sub moves slowly along:- The observation bubble
Intent on the scene! Heads down, everyone glued to their seats. The main item of interest - a wreck, home to shoals of fish - Bingo for all, though hard to photograph:- The wreck
More of the wreck
Plenty of light down here, but low contrast. Movements of scurrying fish make a great impact visually, so bringing a camcorder on this adventure would be a good idea. It's all a bit like Walt Disney's "Pinoccio". More of the wreck, and then clouds of bubbles as we go back up towards the surface. Blowing the tanks
Well worth doing, whatever you see. Once on dry land, a chance to watch the sub setting off again, drive bargains in the market, and wander through the village.
Another morning departure The Friday market spreads to the quay! Village street

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