Down to Earth

Another look at the main hangars - with an added point of interest - the Wiltshire police/ambulance helicopter has just landed during our approach, on a short courtesy visit. This is on the same same day that it took a lady who had been parachuting for charity to hospital...the good cause was - the helicopter.

Graham serves up a perfect approach - "straight down the middle" - with quite an amount of drift to kick off at the last moment, rounding off our "quantum leap" nicely. Please Santa bring me one for Christmas.

The main hangars
The approach...
...and landing
Come and look at the helicopter for a moment - the latest non tail-rotor design. It can land with less danger in smaller areas than previously. This can be crucial when recovering transport accident victims. If you drive across Wiltshire, or reside in the county, you will likely see it in the skies. Just don't qualify for it's services, please.
Wiltshire Police/Ambulance MD900 helicopter MD Helicopters MD900 Explorer

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