Those were the days!

From this photograph of the governess cart, you wouldn't think Grandfather was a cobbler by trade! You can see that the same "motive power" between the shafts, also pulled his hardware business around Fishponds, Bristol, and the then outlying country districts, where Ted Clark was a well-known and welcome figure on his "round", in the days well before handy supermarkets:-
Governess cart
Rest of the week transport!
My Mother is far right, above. Some years later, being an engine driver was your webmaster's favourite way of getting about! An exciting occupation - all the local boys wanted a go on my red engine. There was even a clickety-click much like a "real" train, as it trundled over the regular gaps in the pavement - and crossing roads in it must have been less hazardous compared with today. Another photograph with me sat in the driving position, appears in the History Channel book & exhibition "Photos for the Future" ll. Two pedal power Not only are there collectors of such items, many of which are beautifully restored, but intriguing modern pedal vehicles for today's kiddies can also be found.
The box camera used on that occasion, obliged again with my first railway photographs - Bulleid Pacific no.34060 "25 Squadron" looking very model-like as it backs onto the Ilfracombe turntable, and  the "Devon Belle" leaving Ilfracombe for Waterloo, behind it's Bulleid Pacific,no.34059 "Sir Archibald Sinclair", being pushed from behind for the immediate 1 in 36 gradient out of the station, up to Mortehoe, ca 1947 -  truly impressive to watch.
Turning no.34060 Devon Belle
Not an easy place for these magnificent creations, which were notoriously "slippery", but the sights and sounds seemed part and parcel of the romance of a holiday at this wonderful North Devon Resort. Arriving for a holiday began with trundling over the Taw bridge at Barnstaple, a run along the estuary, a climb, then the curving rush down the valley, stopping with the view down to a sparkling Ocean beckoning beyond. Banking the Devon Belle

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