More with the Box Camera

 Attempts at using the box camera to record the standard "Britannia" Pacifics thundering for a while into Bristol, produced results which - to be complimentary - possessed a Turneresque speed blur »
Given a chance, the camera could produce tolerably sharp results, having a (prewar of course) Zeiss lens, even though "16 on 120" meant quite small prints:-
Britannia Pacific no. 70022 Tornado, passing Bristol's South Liberty Lane Pottery.
Class 4MT no. 42480 at Blackpool .....note Blackpool Tower beyond (right) - around which we had the pleasure of flying in the D. H. Dragon Rapide biplanes they used then, specially reduced to half a crown from 10/6 - a long queue at that price!.

The box camera travelled to Scotland in 1955:-

Maid o'the Loch Crossing Connel Ferry Bridge West Highland to Mallaig
Maid O' the Loch (Loch Lomond) - Connel Ferry road/rail Bridge - West Highland Line to Mallaig
Note:  Connel Ferry Bridge - a cantilevered structure - was built by Henry Brunel, one of Isambard Kingdom's three children, and a competent engineer in his own right - he assisted also in the construction of  Tower Bridge, London.
About 4 years later, the box camera is on hand to record Sir Peter Scott about to partake of a winch launch at the East end of Bristol & Gloucester Gliding Club's Nympsfield site. The high level of activity may be explained by a well-founded rumour that Sir Peter would not be best pleased with anyone fumbling his launch. Launch at Nympsfield -  Sir Peter Scott
It is a touching thought, though, that his father's farewell letter (from Antarctica) to his mother,when Sir Peter, as he would become, was only two and a half years old, had asked her to interest the boy in natural history, and  "...keep him in the open air".

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