Glory Days 3

manual shunting There was - and still is to a lesser degree - always something happening, so it would be at the risk of missing something interesting on the move, that you might poke around the nearby quiet recesses of Brunel's original terminus, though locospotters were not known for their sense of history!... might then wish to avail yourself of the subway - then rather stark - and watch the (Saturday) "Bristolian"...
Brunel's train shed
The subway
The Saturday "Bristolian" was made up to more than the weekday seven coaches, so it was not quite the crack business express. It carried on to the holiday resort of Weston-super-Mare (known locally of course, and maybe unkindly, but affectionately, as Weston-super-Mud). The approach from the east is perhaps even more majestic than that from the West.
Castle class no. 5015 Kingswear Castle... ...swings the Saturday Bristolian into Bristol T.M.

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