Personal Transport

Personal transport was well represented on both sides of the hangar doors. Handy if your car breaks down:-
Powered scooter
powered parafoil
Flying Flea
The "Flying Flea" seen beyond the Bede, and in the right-hand picture above, was built by a well-known Bristol figure, Harry Dolman. His packaging company, Brecknell, Dolman & Rogers, might have been the nominal day-time job, but his connection with Bristol City football club was clearly absorbing -  when I met him, his car was registered "HD11" - Harry Dolman's Eleven.
If you fancy putting to good use the fuel that pours freely and directly from the heavens above, then solar power might be the answer for you - though clearly it would be a good idea to lengthen the roof-top solar array first, &/or emulate Sinclair by adding low-tech auxiliary power, such as bicycle pedals. At least you know you will get there sometime...... solar-powered personal transport It was interesting that local inventor, Dr Alex Moulton, is represented at Wroughton by more than one exhibit - here , two examples of his well-known bicycles.
Ralieigh Moulton bicycles

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