Public Transport

All bus makers seemed to be here, including Bristol's, which carried me more miles than I care to remember. The chassis were a familiar sight on local roads around the Brislington area of Bristol during road testing, or on their way to Eastern Coach Works at Lowestoft, for completion by adding the body:-
Bristol bus chassis delivery
Bristol bus

Moulton Developments again - with a rather exciting bus - it's looks appear ideal for airport use. Spiffing appearance and very appealing. Dr Moulton demonstrated that, if adopted, this design, which has "extra" front wheels, would enjoy enhanced stability on the road.

For anyone contemplating a visit:-
a) The airfield can accommodate any number of cars for large or small events, controlled by marshalls.

Moulton electric bus
(b) Appropriate courtesy transport is available to convey you around the airfield perimeter track to the exhibit areas, e.g. this Daimler bus»
(c) The website  has details of which areas will be open on specific dates, and bear in mind also that from time to time some exhibits rotate with South Kensington.
(d) Enjoy your visit:-
Daimler bus
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