High Tide...Paddling out to Lundy!

When Paddle Steamers returned to the Avon Gorge again after their wartime mine-sweeping duties (shallow draught), it was a great moment. Voyaging to Ilfracombe, or on to Lundy, on board a member of P & A Campbell's White Funnel Fleet was a wonderful trip.  We see here the fondly-remembered "Bristol Queen", but, thanks to "Waverley" and "Balmoral", a variety of Bristol Channel trips, can still be enjoyed
These ladiesEarly one morning...are hurrying for the"Bristol Queen",which is about to turn...View from Bridge
...and depart from Hotwells landing stage with them, and all the rest of what was a long queue of passengers.
The view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, about 75 metres high above the River Avon, seldom, if ever, disappoints.  The Bristol and Cardiff "Queens" were always a splendid sight themselves,To Ilfracombe and "The Campbells" were - we thought - an inseparable part of the scenery at Ilfracombe.  It might be a hard decision whether to disembark at Ilfracombe's pier, beside Lantern Hill, (below), or continue to Lundy, as we do now. Whatever choice you made would be sure to create an interesting Devon day, on mainland or island. You might just need your sea legs on the crossing out to Lundy -  it's likely to be a wee bit choppy as you head out into more open seas. Really rough weather could mean you get treated to a trip around the island instead of landing there.  Other "interesting" variations have also been reported!
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