"Marconi" Island

Steep Holm, from Flat Holm A gulf (left) separates these non-identical twin islands. To reach Flat Holm (bottom of picture left) from Steep Holm (top of picture), you have to retrace your steps, and return to Weston. Since 2011, you could take the "Westward Ho" or go to Barry. The "Lewis Alexander" (right) at Barry Dock feels somewhat "edgy" to join.
On a choppy crossing, (about half an hour), there can be quite a bit of spray. Sitting outside at the back can be "refreshing". Even on a warm day, layered clothing is a good idea.
Boarding the Lewis Alexander at Barry
Ploughing into a choppy sea
sleeper in situ on Flat HolmAs the two islands have to be visited from different shores, it was no surprise to learn that the the current warden on Flat Holm, had never been  to Steep Holm. Differences and comparisons abound. Sadly, the railway on Flat Holm is now discernible only by a few sleepers ("cross ties") and depressions left by the rails.

Where the alignment curves away, to the right you can just make out the foghorn, which can still be demonstrated. Radar and GPS rendered it unnecessary, but the lighthouse has been upgraded with solar power! It is a staggering thought, that Marconi's visit to this island in 1897 kick-started the world-wide telecommunications revolution.

Railway alignment on Flat Holm

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