Best Florida Oranges - for the Picking!

The Lo 'n Slo Hot Air Balloon

Unloading the balloon ...and inflating
It could only be Florida, of course, and it has to be Orlando, at that. The hot air balloon pilot is - well, perhaps the pilot should remain unknown. Let's just call him the "P1". Our P1 operates independently, after getting lots of air time in with a big commercial outfit. The P1 appears to be joking when he asserts that we are going orange picking. More than one reason why it wouldn't be on any sane person's agenda, right?

After close inspections of ponds and hedges - and the inspections were precision close, the fruit comes into view:-
Orange grove The mist tells you it's pretty early morning. According to the P1, he can pick the oranges at the top of the trees - which are the best, 'cos they get the most sunlight, but the owner can't get at them. That's his story, and not only is he sticking to it, but he's going to astonish our total disbelief by a little demonstration... 
So it's down to hedge and tree height again - this guy seems to be able to fly to an inch in any dimension - an admirable asset, though we expected to be way up there, not down here, going into the very top of a tree, and grabbing some fruit:-
Orange pickin' It wuzzn't us, Sir...
The fruit!

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