Bristol's First Route

...from what was then platform 9, (now platform 3, after a renumbering exercise from 1 to 10 in the reverse direction). Our motive power for today Send-off - platform 9
This train has conveyed many happy couples setting off  together, looking forward to a honeymoon in Bournemouth as they settle back, after a unique day in their lives. We are going around Bristol, through Fishponds, Warmley, Bitton, and over the Avon several times, before rolling into Bath Green Park station's canopy. After  the industrial landscape of Barrow Road shed (below), we will be on a stretch which  was Bristol's first railway, a means for rolling loaded coal waggons down into the city, several years before Brunel's GWR terminus for his line from London. Confetti!
Barrow Road
Barrow Road & coaling tower

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