Onwards & Upwards

 Now firmly on the "original" route, we pass over the GWR/Western Region South Wales line at Lawrence Hill ...pronounced something like "Lornsill" in Bristolianese...and soon find ourselves ascending the bank to Fishponds station, where bankers - seen on weekly visits to my grandparents in the 1940/50s- would detach. We are just leaving Fishponds northbound platform, hence the "speed" blur.....you can still imagine yourself walking out through the half open door to a 1960s World outside, had you just left the train. Northbound platform, Fishponds

Staple Hill, with it's station and tunnel, is the next district, so we are quickly through and leaving the main (and hence original) line, at Mangotsfield Junction, where we shudder to a halt. What happens then is that we will curve away to the right, meeting the straight side of this triangle. The northbound line (with it's catchpoints, nearer the camera) leads towards Gloucester - the "Pines" would pound up through here just after mid-day. The southbound line joins us for Bath.
Mangotsfield Jcn. station
The 3rd side of the triangle
One district leads immediately into another, so we are, almost straightaway, looking out to the right into Warmley, with it's road crossing, where we detain traffic on the quite busy A420.
Running into Warmley Warmley level crossing

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