Open Country

Warmley gives way to Oldland Common (Avon Valley Railway have preserved the station), and we run down to Bitton, now Avon Valley Railway HQ. The scene right here today on this spot, is as if nothing had changed over the decades - thanks to much work having been done to bring it back to this condition. Note: the buffet (left) serves excellent food at reasonable prices. Books and videos about the line are available at a shop in the right hand building. Bitton station
The river crossings The view for our honeymoon couple, and everyone else, improves as we steam from the urban growth fringeing Bristol, into a rural buffer zone. The railway crosses the river Avon several times in rapid succession, these crossings flicking past in quick flashes. For several minutes, as we run through the wide valley of the river Avon, only the river separates us from the closely parallel Bristol - London main line on the south bank, then the train runs into the outskirts of Bath.
Running in to Bath

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