The Final Surprise

The State Fair Not only the State Fairground, but this is Opening Day for the Fair! It would have been great fun to drop right in on them today - perhaps providing extra interest for the TV coverage of this event! We are just missing by a field, if that. Not bad at all by our expectations, in fact supremely professional, but a final surprise is still in store.
Deflating on landing

We have landed in the grounds of a school, and, lo and behold, all the kids are brought out to see what has literally just blown in on the wind. Exciting start to their day - nice welcome for us. 

The Welcome!
Fate has not finished with moment my wife is with the lads folding the balloon (above, right), then she is laughing with the teacher...they'd - incredibly - met a week before. Two strangers - thrown together at random twice in a few days.

                           Quelle Surprise.

An Unexpected Meeting


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