Back to Base

A phone call brought out one of the club tugs, with highly experienced Pete Bray at the controls. I was not looking forward to towing back, thinking that the late hour and greater slipstream meant another dose of refrigeration. It turned out to be very enjoyable - the air at 500-800 ft was quite balmy. My sole problem was keeping the aircraft from weaving - allow the oscillation to build up, and it's a night in a field!. Problematic for the tug driver, too - stall warnings all the way, while we are red line for maximum permitted airspeed on tow.
The return journey. A wonderful experience at the end of an unusual day - here we are near the Cotswold Water Park again, getting a different view of it this time. Soon the Nympsfield ridge will be visible, with the winding Severn - familiar accompaniment to local soaring - glinting beyond.
After another rapid descent to base, I leave you to guess who the steak dinners afterwards in one of the local villages, Uley, were on, that evening!
Barograph trace

Further information about the Bristol & Glos Gliding Club is available on their excellent website.

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