London Eye

A 450' circular journey, that takes half an hour, and puts you back where you started - right in the middle of London..... British Airways London Eye is a great example of our thesis, that we love riding something for its own sake! The Eye took a bit of stick early on, but most people seem to think it's "there for good", - just like Paris' "temporary" Eiffel Tower. It has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in Britain's capital, close to that other famous icon - Big Ben. As they say, Success comes down to "location, location, location"!

 Your webmaster paid it a visit, and found that if (a) you were the right person, or (b) were just unlucky due to breaking down, you could park anywhere you liked.....

Free Parking (a) the case of (a), left, it was apparently for as long as he wished to read a paper, on the double yellows outside the Cabinet Office. Even in the more proletarian case (b), right,  chatting with bystanders on Westminster Bridge whiled away some time on those double yellows in an apparently pleasant manner! Free Parking (b)
An Eyeful view!
Having parked to your satisfaction - or used London's excellent public transport system to arrive stress-free, you can then start taking your piccies:- 
Your capsule for the flight

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