London Eyeful

The automated telephone booking system worked well, once mastered.
Setting new standards in design, this is your capsule, entered on the move, unless you're in a wheelchair. It will stop for wheelchairs. 

Great care was taken - despite the tight schedule - to source manufacture of items large and small all over Europe, to best advantage, even to the choice of the man who made the ovoid seats. The Architects, David Marks and Julia Barfield, can expect to find other clients wanting to repeat their vision elsewhere...

The capsule empty
The Thames, looking down river London used to be called "The Smoke"! Home of the winter "Peasouper" fog,too, as a direct result. You wouldn't believe it today. Hard to realise too, that the whole South Bank area below us, was ruined and derelict, following WW2.  On it was built, in 1951, the Festival of Britain, with the Royal Festival Hall, just ahead, as a centrepiece. The National Film Theatre - a favourite haunt of your Webmaster in years past - is built into and beyond Waterloo Bridge. (Hungerford Railway Bridge is in the immediate foreground). The view also includes the Royal National Theatre and the London Television Centre, occupying what are now prime positions. The direction of vew is North-East, towards Chingford and Epping Forest. Below, the view to the West, over the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge
Looking West over the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge
Enjoying the scene - your Webmaster

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