Full Circle

 The London Eye - alias the Millennium Wheel - truly marks the end of one powerful era, and the start of a new one. Undoubtedly there will be more twists and turns to come, in the Third Millennium, than even those seen in the recent past. On that thought, our half-hour ride on the biggest and most innovative Ferris (or "Observation") Wheel in the World, also comes gently towards the ground, culminating with a dramatic view of the former County Hall and the throng below. County Hall might be seen as the launch pad, (with a long and contentious countdown!) for London's first Mayor, Ken Livingstone. County Hall (former home to the Greater London Council)
Feet on the ground again
Barbecued corn-cob could bring on that hungry feelingWith our feet firmly on the ground again, there's plenty to see and do - you may even go round again, subject perhaps to a 2 hour wait, or you may wait longer and take in the spectacular night-time view.
 Another good idea is to take a river trip from Westminster, for example to Greenwich, with the option of "coasting" back, perhaps, on the Docklands Light Railway. So much to do in London, the visitor is spoilt for choice, by day and by night. London Eye from Westminster Bridge

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