Landing on Lundy

The"Robinson Crusoe" experience...
At Anchor Theoretically, if you were first off, you were supposed to be first back, and so on. In practice, a queue would form down below, well before anchor was dropped off the island. At least, if by queuing below you had missed watching the arrival, that moment when you were about to leave the supremely elegant steamer, and hop into one of the small boats, suddenly opened up a lively scene of cliffs and wheeling gulls as you stepped off, into the small boat.
That short trip to the beach was a fun part of the trip, though obviously the new 21st Century Lundy pier - or jetty -  is a better and safer way of doing things. Landing from small boats
Walking up from the beach Lundy's cliffs are some 130 metres above the Atlantic Ocean; a steepish climb from the sheltered beach bordering the "lagoon"; a haven for wildlife, the only indigenous inhabitants. No parking problems, but there is a pub and a church - the annual service is a special occasion.

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