Thanks to the so-called "Spy Cam", it is now possible to travel and explore model railway layouts down to "OO" gauge, without too much difficulty.

I was fascinated by a demo at "Steam" Museum, Swindon, two or three years ago. This was by the Oxford "O" gauge group, using security cameras, transmitting by wireless to a converted computer monitor. I found the effect of running through stations - or stopping - was astounding.

O gauge layout & monitor
monitor view
Getting down to a smaller gauge became possible with cameras roughly the size of the top of your thumb, available from suppliers such as Maplin and Keene Electronics. I suggest that anyone wishing to experiment makes sure they purchase a legal frequency for their country - 2.4 GHz in the UK.
warship propels microcam
As the camera travels around the layout, it transmits an analogue video signal to a receiver...which is plugged into a camcorder. The signal could be fed into any other device, such as a TV monitor. A combi TV could record onto VHS tape. The frame grabs below show a Hornby bridge crossing and a GWR express on the main line, rushing past the camera train.
suspension bridge crossing GWR express overtakes the camera train
"OO" g layouts by:-   Richard Pretious                  Alan Doddington

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