More Glory Days 

Diverting again from those journeys of pure delight, to pursue images of Steam at work, we start in June 1960 with a Bristol location that quickly vanished; the bowstring bridge carrying the main line to London (and North Somerset branch trains) over the Feeder canal and associated road.
Due to the road constriction at this point, a quadruple fatal accident sadly took place, and improvements, including a new bridge, were made. North Somerset Junction is to the right.
Bowstring Bridge & pannier tank with freight
The freight clears the bridge, no. 6835 "Eastham Grange" appears running light, and a "County" crosses with the up "Merchant Venturer" as a ray of sunshine strikes this industrial area.
No. 6835 crossing the old Feeder Canal bridge
The Merchant Venturer leaving Bristol for London
Bringing back memories of arrivals at Paddington, another picture from the same time, is of the "Castle" with the longest name - no. 5069, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Your webmaster had travelled behind no. 5069, from Bristol to London, on the first leg of a journey to Germany.
IKB at Paddington (Right) - Glories of "Dampf" (Steam) in a Rhine village of Germany - a different philosophy from the GWR! 01 Class at Assmannshausen
We shall be taking another look at the Somerset & Dorset on the next page, so it is appropriate to show no. 34098 "Templecombe", moving pretty fast in the Salisbury area - exactly where, I cannot now recall! The big tip with panning is, if possible, to plant your feet in the position you expect to end up, otherwise - you do "tip" over at the end.
Bulleid light Pacific no. 34098 Templecombe

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