And Finally...

Further East, the outwash area from another glacier is reputedly half the size of Wales! The rivers change course, but have been channelled so that a wooden bridge can be built. May is the start of the season, and it seems we have the honour of being the first party to cross it - again, hardly gridlocked.
Crossing more water than can be forded!
...more space to ourselves.
The final clue, if you need one by now, is that this is a land of geothermal activity. Got it?
On an active volcano!
That's what a dormant volcano can do.
Eruptions had ceased, but heat-resistant footware was required! Just below the crust, you could see the fires still glowing! The town took a pasting - but gained more land area, and a better harbour. Volcanic ash has been cleared from this street - you can see it's depth behind the coach, parked at the limit of clearance.

Below - a regular performer.

The effects at ground level
Geysirs erupt every few minutes. How did you get on with the mystery coach tour? The Icelandic Flag
With hydro as well as geothermal energy, this country has a great head start over most countries in the use of renewable energy resources. Transport-wise, Iceland went straight from ponies to aircraft - no railways - and when the photographs were taken, most roads outside towns were dirt track, though this has improved. Do visit, if you haven't, it's highly recommended. Holidays, short breaks, and even one day visits to the capital, Reykjavik, have become popular in recent years.

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