A File from the Nile

- Ballooning over ancient Thebes

Your first and your last experience of local transportation at Luxor is likely to be the "compulsory" airport porters. You think they're not compulsory? Baksheesh, and only baksheesh, can remove that highly practiced, and firmly exercised, iron grip which has to be experienced to be believed! (Visitors should be prepared to have plenty of the readies available).

Plenty of transportation interest here:-

Porter at Luxor
The 200-300 cruiseboats range from the odd paddle steamer, to floating gin palaces. The sugar cane railways may come as a surprise, especially when you find camel power. The elegance of the lateen-sailed Felucca is unlikely to disappoint. Look up, too. Above the ubiquitous donkey, you may see a large chunk of English technology - you can enjoy a "Hod Hod" balloon flight in just a few moments. Nile Paddler
Narrow gauge sugar cane line
Resting camel power
Hod Hod balloon - Valley of the Queens
This highlight of your visit to Egypt follows in the footsteps of TV presenter Chris Tarrant - a flight near Luxor, between the Valley of the Kings and the Nile, viewing the Thebes necropolis, and possibly crossing the river too, by that hot air balloon. Elsewhere, we take you on a low-level balloon ride in a small basket - here, the "Hod-Hod" Soliman balloon - far from England, where it was made, in Bristol, by Don Cameron, and by no means a little bit of it - mass transit; 18 passengers at a time, respectable height, usual early hour. At least you can fly and still be back for breakfast.

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