Test balloons of the party variety are flown, then...
Time to go! ...time for 18 people to scramble in - see the foothold? - surprisingly hard to use. Some assistance may be required. Nothing seems to happen for quite a while, and one passenger wonders aloud if someone will have to be thrown out! After throwing out a used gas cylinder, the basket  climbs quickly. Rising rapidly
The panorama on takeoff
Just over the hills to the right, in the King's Valley, lies perhaps the most famous tomb, that of King Tut Ankh Amon. In this composite panorama, we are almost on top of the mortuary temple of one of the most powerful of the Pharaohs, Ramses ll, (known as the "Ramesseum") - here, once deceased, he was worshipped as a god. In life, he ruled for 67 years, and is traditionally regarded as the Pharaoh who made the lives of the children of Israel bitter with bondage. Many tombs remain to be excavated from under habitation in the Thebes necropolis, requiring extensive future relocation of the villagers.
Moving left, climbing to 2,000 ft. with permission from air traffic control, and flying south but still looking west, the mortuary temple of Ramses lll (he had a hard act to follow !) appears lower left. The Valley of the Queens lies behind. Massive entrance "pylons" stand out, on the sharp edge of the cultivated area, alluvial deposits formed over millennia by Nile floods. Ramseslll

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