Village and Field

Our balloon is drifting in the prevailing wind from the North. The basic principle of operation for traffic on the Nile was that the current carried vessels one way; the wind blew them the other way. Nearby, but a long way down, are the Colossi of Memnon - the last remains of Amenophis' immense mortuary temple, built 3½ thousand years ago - an extension of the necropolis back into fertile land. Turning to look east, the fertile strip spreads ahead of us to the river which created it - the Nile.
The west bank fertile strip
Colossi of Memnon
Village life Flying lower again gives us an intimate view of villages. When people wave, and many are doing that down below, they are saying - "I wish I was there"! People wave to balloons, trains, boats. We are being waved to from the streets, from rooftops, anywhere. Strip cultivation is evident, - and "unfinished" roofs - left like that for the family to add another level as it grows. Upwardly mobile, you might say.
The chase team's in hot pursuit, the Nile looms close, and we're very low, hoping to land. Nowhere clear in the crops ahead, so a quick climb commits us to crossing the great river, hoping that the wind won't die! Chase trucks
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