The Great Nile !

The Nile crossing
Wafting across the river at an angle, in the breeze, one of the small sugar refineries which dot the shore can be seen bottom right, while the flight takes us towards the moored steamer on the east bank. The recovery crew will be heading for the bridge - scarcely visible, far distance, - built about 5 miles south of Luxor, to facilitate access to the west bank and it's necropolis. The Nile has few bridges, ferries being the usual order of the day, either small motor boat or felucca.
Safely across... Having got us safely across without getting becalmed - it can happen! - Mohammed is looking for any clearing he can find. Not easy with a year-round growing season. Suddenly the balloon drops into a tiny gap where cane has just been cut - the locals and the recovery team are there to greet us.
A sweet landing - sugar cane towers over us. The team get stuck in.
After a caution - " the sugar cane waste is very slippery", there's a chance to meet the locals, and stroll to the nearby road. Forget celebrating with champagne of course, this is a Muslim country, but many people will regard the flight as an exciting high spot -  a "must do" - of their visit to Egypt. Meet the locals time.
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