Playing "Bridges"

Rail & road bridges - Sharpness One can imagine a board game based on canals - The Gloucester and Sharpness canal, to give it it's full name, is all swing bridges - 15 of them. How about "bridge keeper gone to lunch, miss two turns", "warned for speeding", and so on. The bridges start straight away after the entry lock. The first bridge is rail -  Sharpness is still rail-connected -  the next is a high road bridge. Ahead, 16 miles of what, when opened early in the 19th Century, was the widest and deepest canal in the world.
Looking forward, and then back, is all that's left of the Severn rail bridge, destroyed one dark foggy night in 1959 by a collision. The canal runs alongside the river for several miles.
Severn rail bridge  - remains of.
- and looking back.
On THE bridge Inside, the pilot earning his keep. Outside, the view beside the bridge. Passengers were allowed onto the forward crew area, giving everyone a view at the rail if desired. Forward (normally crew) area
The view from a sea-going ship passing sleepy villages, and bridges that seem often to lead nowhere, is at odds with, say, the bustling  M5 motorway not far away! Almost all the swing bridges are at a low level. A delightful feature - the keeper's lodges, attributed to one of the canal's company engineers, William Clegram. Swing bridge and keeper's lodge.
Besides the occasional sea-going ship, most traffic on this nationalised waterway is for pleasure. This narrow boat is moored in front of St. Mary's church, Frampton-on-Severn. Not much excuse if you don't attend morning service! - and no doubt a very special experience if you do. Narrow boat, Frampton.

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