Lundy scene

Island View
The Castle
St. Helena's Church, Marisco Tavern
Getting onto the island is sometimes an elusive achievement! Having safely arrived in good weather, got to the top, looked around, absorbed some local history, and partaken of the delights of the Marisco Tavern, time passes all too swiftly for the day visitor - who will shortly be paddling back to mainland Britain.
...Lundy then shrinks away in size, if not in our memories.  After you have touched the Devon coast again at Ilfracombe, you'll want to go doon to watch the engines, enjoy fish 'n chips, chat to the regulars, have a word with the crew - all that sort of thing.  A different day to remember, and a day maybe to repeat again in your Life.  Although sadly not with P & A Campbells White Funnel Fleet any longer, you still can feel a little like Crusoe, thanks to "Waverley", "Balmoral" (formerly owned by Campbells), and Lundy's own ship, the "Oldenburg".

A Backward Glance from the Bristol Queen.

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