Over Barbury Castle

Riding the Quantum 912Quantum hang glider

"912" refers to the engine capacity, in cubic centimetres, - which turned out to be powerful enough for rapid takeoff - it flew a 20 stone passenger before my (14 stone) turn came up. Graham soon threw in some very tightly banked turns, testifying to the power feeding in just behind us, and giving clues, too, to it's excellent stability and handling qualities. Truly an aerial motor-cycle, with the same seating capacity - one driver, one pillion passenger.
Having gained some height, Graham levels off, heads South, and, since we are in the RAF Lyneham Control Zone, gets on the radio, to which the passenger is also plugged in (all mod cons even on this tiny flying machine) to advise them of our flight plan, which probably makes sure they identify us on their radar. Hopefully the entire Lyneham fleet of Hercules are keeping well clear anyway, as a Notam (Notices to Airmen) should have been issued.

Looking right and slightly backwards, we can see under the wing - nearest foreground -  L4, which contains a fascinating collection of agricultural machinery, as well as other exhibits, such as a double-deck Glasgow tram.

Under the right wing.....
What we are going to do is trawl  "below 1,000 ft", Graham tells Lyneham, along the ridge which represents the horizon as seen from Wroughton airfield.

Flying South to the ridge

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