Mendip Views

Whether it's the rain shadow effect, or just the cold front clearing anyway, the sun appears for our arrival in Wells. Even the cars hardly date it, except for the easier traffic scene than today. In the 21st Century, a widely held and expressed opinion is that many places we have visited today, including our starting and finishing point, Bristol, could really benefit from a re-opening of stations so hastily closed in the ten years around 1960.
As we approach Cheddar, there is a fine view of the Mendips ahead, including the famous Cheddar Gorge. This scenic area is rightly celebrated, not only for its cheese, but for strawberries too, many of which would still have been going out by rail at this time.
Mendip view
Right, above, the end of the weather front still hovers over the hills, looking back over Axbridge. There may not be gold in them thar hills, but they do hold many minerals, extensive cave systems, and possibly water for Bath's Spa, so there is concern about exactly where and how deep any further extraction of stone should go, due to the potential effect on the water table.
Immediately after passing Shute Shelf  Hospital (a post-operative convalescent facility), we encounter British Road Services in a predicament on the A38 (quite a long steep hill at this point as it comes to the Mendips off flats which were once under water). These two photographs were taken on a separate, and warmer, occasion - note the train's acquisition of a trailing van.
Shute Shelf
A 38 bridge

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