Shepton Mallet

Bucketing down off the Mendips, the spectacular descent into "Shepton" might distract you with ease, from the wide-ranging views across to Glastonbury - something to keep for the return trip, at a steadier pace!   It's an interesting thought that David Shepherd's East Somerset Heritage Railway would be dead ahead and scarcely three miles distant, at this point.  Prior to closure, the two lines crossed, just the other side of Shepton Mallet Station, beyond the viaducts and the Babycham(TM) factory
Running onto Charlton Road viaduct
Coasting in to the station Shepton Mallett Charlton Road station

"Shepton Mallet Charlton Road"

From "Sheeptown", just off the Fosse, grey, historic, famous for perry and cider, the S & D continues to roll South, in it's "Sinuous and Delectable" style, straight track being noticeable largely by an absence of it most of the way between Bath and Evercreech Junction. Combined with the gradients, there you have the recipe for the character of the line.

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