A small German team is opening up an almost unexplored area of Russia, with similarities to other northern areas, e.g. Canada and even the north of England. Incredible though it may seem, this area has remained off the map until this dedicated team, exploring with helicopters, showed the potential for tourism and a number of minerals. During the admittedly short summer, things look quite different, as the photos below show:-
As befits an operation in the Russian Republic, the helicopters are the big Russian MiL Mi-8P single-rotor jobs, capable of lifting considerable loads. A small Robinson chopper is also used for light duties, and here we see it on the left coming in for a landing in territory reminiscent of North Wales. Night flying is tricky but occasionally called for, and can certainly provide spectacular views:-
Pictures just for fun and purely imaginary - courtesy of Vistapro 3.0  image creation programme.

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