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Other Links:-


Tony Wray compiles an excellent "Semaphore Online" site relating to activities at Bitton, past, present, and future.


Looking for family accomodation? Try this villa close to Disney.


Your Webmaster's wife's eye was caught by a display on the site of Trowbridge 4x4 & Prestige cars - have a look at their site. Not only cars.....!  There's a fire engine, or the Red Baron biplane - and more. Having been the envy of many with my steam loco, I can recommend this.



Nicely illustrated accounts by a highly experienced pilot, of flying seaplanes in the Maldives. Hummingbird had previously operated helicopters in this unique island archipelago, but seaplanes now operate between the airport - surrounded entirely by the Indian Ocean - and the resort Islands.


Nice site - this is a new project to restore the S & D station and some track, used several times by Royalty in the form of King Edward V11.

-Details when you follow this link.

Technical Notes:-

1) PC - Medion (HP clone) P166. (A good buy at Aldi in 1997). Platform - late issue Win95 = virtually Win 98.

2) HTML Programme - Netscape (4.6) Composer. (Keeps it simple & quick).

3) Pages - prepared from my own templates, containing tables, links, and recurring graphics. This is a really good tip.

4) Graphics - film based, processed through the MGI mk2 programme.
Further manipulation if necessary in Paint Shop Pro etc.

 File size reduction in two or three stages, courtesy of Pegasus Imaging Corp ( jpegwizard.com/ ) and xat.com image optimizer.


Buttons created with Ulead Photo Express (I find this programme slow)

5) "Splash" page partly created with Macromedia Fireworks

.6) Uploaded to server with  Cute ftp.

7) Cute HTML is handy for pasting Webring and any other HTML fragments.

8) Pages are aimed at printing as one single page on your printer if possible, and generally to be printer friendly as far as can be arranged.



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