The Science Museum Transportation Collection, Wroughton

-Festival of Free Flight 1&2 July 2000

The transportation outstation was established about twenty years ago. The public could visit once a year at that time! The annual open day  - this was the third, in 1982 -  was quite an event:
1880 Garden seat London omnibus
Stephenson's 1829 Rocket replica
De Havilland Comet 4B
Trans-Antarctic Expedition Snocat
Since then, things have moved on quite a bit - there are additional special events, organised parties can arrange visits, and a new building has been added.

A Millennium Year opportunity to revisit was taken on the occasion of the British Hang Gliding Association's "Festival of Free Flight" - A dual powered hang-glider ride with Graham Slater ("GS Aviation") provided an opportunity to see the main site as it is now, from the air.

Aerial view - Wroughton airfield - North side
The bungee jump crane (circled) lends scale to the picture, and fright to the jumpers, middle right, immediately in front of hangar "D3". "D4" is to its left, and then the latest, brand new,  £2¼m installation.

GS Aviation's Quantum 912 - and some hang-gliders, parafoils, etc which "got away" in thermals, could explore further, into some of the historic and prehistoric Wiltshire immediately South. A look around on the "motor-cycle of the skies", then back to look around.

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