Yet More Steam 3

In the final page of this Steam Glories Trilogy - a peek at the Taunton to Barnstaple line. Looking back in time - a romantic line across Exmoor. At the time...of the early 1940' appeared an interminably long way. If you were a small child being taken for a couple of weeks away from the bombing, it seemed to "grind and stop" for ever, if it was a hot Saturday at the end of August.
These photographs - along with sound recordings - were made near Milverton, from the North side of the line, so you see a Taunton to Barnstaple train, then (below) one the other way, i.e. "up". Down stopper near Milverton
A Barnstaple to Taunton service -
The ground was soft, the air was damp - of little consequence for recording. Years later, I asked one well-known railway photographer why his photographs always had a sunny look about them - "I only go out on sunny days" was the reply. A valuable discipline!
- Gone for ever.
One has to be grateful that a British - though not English! - steam line which survived was the Snowdon rack railway (it's counterpart in Switzerland , the Brienzer Rothorn, nearly didn't). To our surprise, a winter journey was possible, the key to it being the works train...should you be so fortunate as to get a ride, remember to have your folding money in readiness at the end! Near Snowdon's summit.
The final black & white choice - out of several contenders - is the first train of the cold morning (an empty-looking boat train) from Brockenhurst ( 08.45 ) to Lymington, photographed shuttling to and from Lymington for the I.O.W. ferry, on December 3, 1966, the same date as the first picture in this section.
The 08.45 Brockenhurst to Lymington.
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