Yet More Steam

A chilly all-night photographic safari to the South Coast produced (a) a flat car battery, and (b) this picture, of Bulleid Pacific no. 34023 "Blackmore Vale" batting  along eastwards, through the New Forest towards Brockenhurst - and raising serious questions about the effectiveness of the smoke deflectors! Another picture on the same morning appears at the end of this section.
No. 34023 Blackmore Vale, at speed - New Forest.
The low angle early morning lighting picks out detail - there is a school of thought that lighting is more important than composition in photography.
In contrast, this photograph taken near Nailsea, between Weston-S-Mare and Bristol, is unusual for capturing the warmth of  the late evening sun, glinting from the wheels of what looks like a train off the Cheddar Valley line, rattling up the main line behind a "Mickey Mouse" (an Ivatt tank), heading for Bristol.
Mickey Mouse, low angle, late sunshine.
Between Nailsea and Bristol, the line ran through Flax Bourton station, which can - with part of it's rural footpath approach as well -  just be perceived in this April 1960 picture showing Castle class no. 5049 "Earl of Plymouth" huffling down over a crossover, away from Bristol. 
No. 5049 Earl of Plymouth
It then continued into a short tunnel and a deep cutting, where we see on 9th September 1961, another member of the class, no. 5059 "Earl of Aldwyn" running through towards Long Ashton and Bristol.
No. 5059 Earl of Aldwyn On the same date, you can see how deep the cutting is, by the way the shallow arch on the right is set into it, with no. 6850 "Cleeve Grange passing under it, headed West.
No. 6850 Cleeve Grange
Definitely "Glory Days of Steam"!

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